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08/10/09 08:05 PM #53    

Jana Daniels (Small)

Thanks so much to my old classmates that put this event together. I know it must have taken quite a bit of work! It was awesome. It was wonderful to see everybody! I never realized how large our senior class was. Very cool slide shoe, good meal and great hotel. Let me know if you know anybody that lives in or around the Springfield MO area. I did discover that my girlfriend Kim Kirkoff Farris lives in Springfield. The reunion helped me get back in touch with my brother, Gordon Schroeder after about 20 years of losing each other!!! Jana Daniels Small

08/24/09 04:45 PM #54    

Laura Sims

I thought the picnic and barbecue were great...with the exception of DISCO only at the Saturday nite event???? But anyway, my apologies to my classmates for not being able to mingle more but I had lost my voice Friday nite after the picnic and could not talk very much at the reunion was nice seeing everyone tho just wish I could have visited with folks a little more...and I remember seeing the news when the cougar was stolen from the case a few years back lol...

08/25/09 11:46 AM #55    

Laura Sims

And FYI the cougar on the outside over the gymnasium has been stolen a couple of times too...this ain't your grandpa's neighborhood anymore lol ! And where were the golf cart studs at Longview Golf Course? I drove by and only saw some old men so I drove on ... (haha joking of course)

11/10/09 08:05 PM #56    

Robin Jones

So sorry for your loss John. I lost my dad in April of this year and the loss is ever present to this date. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

01/23/10 02:35 PM #57    


Landon Lewis

So are we going to lose our High School, does anyone know yet which one they will close??

02/25/10 09:00 AM #58    

Sarah Shields (Hoyt)

2-25 Yes, It's official. Hickman will close. Ruskin was chosen as the high school for the district. I'd never thought I would live to see that day happen, but it's here! My daughter Megan, who teaches Math at Hickman came home from the mtg last night with the horrible news. She was upset, and since she is a new teacher, her job is, like all of the teachers in the district- on the line. There will be approx. 50-54 some jobs across the board lost over this whole thing. She doesn't know if she will have a job next year or not. The teachers will be told by spring break(which is March 12)whether they are staying or moving on...

I always had a lot of school pride and I still do even though Hickman has changed alot in 30 years. I just can't believe the school district chosen Ruskin...
It was never close to being the great school Hickman was or is now and that is with all of its problems.
Both schools have many problems, but Hickman still is superior in my mind!
I think we should get together soon before it officially closes and have a toast , or many toasts to our high school and all the great memories. A local bar/restaruant where we can all gather would be fine.
I hope to here from many of my classmates on this matter.....Sarah Hoyt

03/04/10 09:59 AM #59    

Michelle LaNoue (O'Connor)

I'm with Sarah, it would be fun to have a "farewell" to Hickman somewhere. I'm grateful that we had our reunion before hand. The Fox & Hound is spacious (on Metcalf & 103rd) and has pool tables. The Other Place is roomy & is in downtown Overland Park. Is there any place by Hickman anyone would recommend?

03/09/10 04:00 PM #60    

Sarah Shields (Hoyt)

Hicman Mills Seniors graduates May 15th. Hopefully, we can all meet sometime before that. Perhaps sometime in April, after the Easter Holiday.
Hope to hear soon from the Group about where and when!
Sarah Shields Hoyt

04/13/10 10:18 PM #61    

Celeste Rogers (Reed)

Has anyone called upon "ALL" Hickman Mills graduates to come together prior to HMHS's official closing to give
a proper "farewell"? We could all gather for the "farewell" at the same spot where our class group photos were taken and have a ceremony. It would be nice to have the "rememberance" and "farewell" covered by the media, etc. And, then afterwards, everyone could gather at a pre-selected place to celebrate our great school. I'll miss HMHS - at least in it's old makeup. I know the building will be used for another purpose in the District - I can't see it being closed and not used for any purpose. My thought is for a VO-TECH . . . .I remember a talk with a State Rep who alluded to a
Vo-Tech building/program being needed in the Hickman District. I wonder if this is part of a plan to initiate such a program? Anyway, if there is a call to bring HMHS graduates together, count me in! CDR

04/16/10 10:54 AM #62    

Michelle LaNoue (O'Connor)

I like Celeste's idea of all classes showing up for a send off. What about a simple "bring your own (drinks, snacks, chairs, football)" and everyone meet up at Hickman. That seems the most appropriate. There's plenty of parking & I assume the open field behind the school is available. We could show our school PRIDE by wearing an old letter jacket or tshirt (if any of us still have or fit into them). I don't twitter or facebook, but I would suggest a Sunday afternoon about 2pm, and just put the date & time out there.

04/26/10 11:11 PM #63    

Sarah Shields (Hoyt)

Sounds like a Great Idea!  Let's get as many of us together and show our HMHS School Pride one last time before they turn it into the 8 and 9th Grade Center.   A Sunday afternoon would probably be a good time for many to come together one last time.  We just need to get a date and time sent out to all of our classmates.  I'm not sure if I still have a Hickman T-shirt, but I might be able to borrow my brother, John's HMHS letter jacket.  If not I could wear Orange and BLack!

Sarah Hoyt

05/27/10 10:14 PM #64    

Sarah Shields (Hoyt)



   HMHS last day of school is Friday, May 28th.  It is the last day Hickman will exist has a high school.

Starting the Fall of 2010, Hickman will be now known as : Hickman Mills Junior High...

It will be an 8th and 9th grade Center.  Hickman is having their last Assembly tomorrow, the 28th at

9AM and have invited any HMHS Alumini to attend.  My daughter, Megah McCraw has taught this

year at Hickman and will be teaching next year their also( 9th grade Math).   She told me abouth

assembly and the invitation to all of the HMHS alumini.  I know this is short notice, but I hope some

our class can make it.   Let's show some Cougar Pride and try to make the Assembly!

03/08/11 06:51 PM #65    

Lisa Manford (Price)

Stuart, When are you going to do the 50th Birthday Bash

06/07/11 06:15 PM #66    


Landon Lewis

I think the 50th birthday part idea is a good one, I will try to be there whenever it is just send an email I dont check this site to often. Hope to see everyone soon.

12/30/13 01:35 AM #67    

Lisa Manford (Price)

Our sight needs to be up dated. Who is supposed to keep it up. Their has not been any changes in it for more then 4 years. How are we supposed to know what is happening with our class mate's.



09/27/14 09:13 AM #68    

Sharon Bergen (Clouse)

What a wonderful time last night at our 35th Reunion, thanks to all who made it so special and fun

Sharon Bergen Clouse

09/27/14 03:46 PM #69    

Laura Sims

I second that Sharon said.  It was a good time and thanks for all the work you put into it Stuart.  It was very well put together and fun.  Food was GREAT ! 

09/28/14 11:45 AM #70    

Valerie Williams (Simpson)

I added a few pictures to the shutterfly site.  I regret that I didn't do a better job taking pictures.  I was distracted by great conversation!  Thankfully Stuart's son and son-in-law will have the "official" pictures loaded soon.  If you have any to share, feel free to post them on the shutterfly site for everyone to see.

09/28/14 07:02 PM #71    

Laura Sims

How does one find the pictures on shutterfly ?

09/29/14 12:13 AM #72    

Valerie Williams (Simpson)

Laura- try this link on the home page of this site.

09/29/14 04:10 PM #73    

Dan Fritts

Great night, good to see everyone and celebrate the Royals clinching . . . almost as long ago as we graduated!  Wish more people had been able to make it, but hey, that's what happens when we start getting old.  I'll be there with my walker for the next one <grin>.

05/15/19 05:10 PM #74    

Lisa Manford (Price)

Has anyone heard anything about having our class Reunion this year. We are moving to corpus Christi Texas next month and I would like to be able to make it back for it

05/16/19 08:29 AM #75    

John Prouty

40th Reunion HMHS Class of 1979

We have set the date.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Basic information with details to follow:

We have reserved Shelter 3 at Lake Jacomo from 10am till 8pm

It is right next to the Marina. They have boating, fishing, kayak and other options available.

We will have a golf tournament in the morning.

Group lunch and gathering at the shelter.

The marina and shelter are available to those who want to stay until 8pm

There is a table for 40 reserved at Funky Town. Jim Schultz will be the contact.

This leaves the evening open for smaller groups to gather as they please.

We will be sending a list of classmates without contact information shortly.

Mark the date.

Hope to see you all there.

05/25/19 08:28 PM #76    

Michelle LaNoue (O'Connor)

Good to read about the reunion. It might be seen a bit more if it was on the home page.   Not fact just realized it’s our 40th when my husband started talking about his reunion. Hope to see many of you. Michelle LaNoue O’Connor



05/28/19 02:03 PM #77    

Stuart Clark

Great idea...I just did! Thanks!

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