Michael Hoskins

Profile Updated: September 10, 2014
Residing In: Kansas City, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Darla
Occupation: automotive
Children: do you count cats? or something you made you get to see made that goes on store shelfs ? or my 1930 More… Model A coupe now thats my baby ,,, all being said I wish I had kids, they are a HOOOT love my brothers kids ,, now they are having Kids Its nottt fair O well
Yes! Attending Reunion

started a new job O boy,, Here we go again,, I now work for LMC , I work on getting out car books, its not bad, my boss is great I will have to say , I broke my arm in a junk yard and he still is keepin me,, I worked half the day with a broken arm and he keep telling me it was broke ,,,,, Nawwww well he was right, the only hope I have is my Apple stock, its up to 100 thousand , all the others tanked also with my union retirement ,, there might be a invention I have being made at a local plastic molding injection company up north ,I cant wait ,,,and God I hope I get paid

School Story:

I was the 100 pound nurd,,,, not really good at anything, I really liked band even tho I SUCKED ,,, I loved to people watch and band was the best place for that,, everyone has their world around them and life is a stage,, when someone is good something its great to just sit back and enjoy their talent , ,, I work with a guy that plays in a band going to see him play next week ,, its Four fried chickens and a Coke ,,, weird name for a band but a good reason to take the wife out, does anyone play anymore ???

Attending HMHS 35th Reunion (09/26/14)